No, We comply with HID standards which does not allow this, but BtoB is available if you request it to CoX Space for another business.

If your OS is not mentioned above, Snowl can be used if the OS that you’re using satisfies the BLE4.2 standard and HID standard, but it may differ according to the manufacturer’s HID policy.

We have a plan to increase the battery capacity of the Charging Cradle from 80mAh to 110mAh, that would allow it to charge Snowl three full cycles and give the device a total battery life span of more than one week.

We have a plan to exchange and refund policy in case of defects or breakdowns in the product, also you can contact and ship your SNOWL to our repair center.

Email: support@coxspace.com

Phone Number: +82 31-778-6465 (UTC +9 Mon - Fri, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm)Address: 858ho, Business Support Hub, 815, Daewangpangyo-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.

- 9DoF : 16bit / ODR 800Hz / Static accuracy (Head, Pitch, Roll) 2,2,2 degrees
- 3D position : about 2cm per x,y,z
- BLE4.2 : 5ms

We will continue to discover, apply and expand the gaming and professional content.

1. Electromagnetic certification completed.

2. Battery Certification completed

3. KC Certification complete on Early Oct 2020

4. FCC Certification completed on Mid Oct 2020

5. CE Certification completed on Nov 2020

Backers who back the Business pack can request additional certifications.

We provide a one year warranty after receipt.

We are planning to perform more advanced gesture analysis through the database stage.

CoX Space is already discussing with a global AR Glass Company for a finger mouse that is compatible for AR glass. We are ready to communicate with partners who want to collaborate with us at any time.

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