Three Design Modes

1. Air Mouse Mode:

Wear it on your finger while doing various activities and control your device from long distances anytime, anywhere for precise control.

2. Gesture Mode:

Allows you to control your devices through gestures. There are 8 preset gestures that can execute your preferred commands. Our machine learning algorithm can learn your preferred gestures to allow for better control.

3. Joystick mode:

Once the Snowl ring is placed inside its charging cradle, it can be used as a joystick mouse and perform the same functions that a traditional mouse can.

Use Design Modes

Effortless Switching Between Modes

When you touch and hold the center of the touch bar for 2 second without moving your finger, Snowl changes from the air-mouse mode to the gesture-mouse mode.

Create Custom Gesture Shortcuts

Record 8 custom gestures and select what you want those gestures to do when they are executed.

The Strength Each Mode Has

Getting Started

Tutorial Video

Add A New Dimension of Fun To Your Digital Hobbies





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