Snowl is a wearable ring-shaped device that brings 3D range of motion to devices that are traditionally 2D such as touch screens and computer mice. With Snowl, you can experience precision control over your favorite devices through three motion tracking modes: Air Mouse mode, Gesture Mouse mode Joystick Mouse mode.
3 Versatile Modes

Air Mouse Mode

Wear it on your nger while doing various activities and control your device from long distances anytime, 

anywhere for precise control.

Gesture Mouse Mode

Allows you to control your devices through gestures. There are 8 preset gestures that can execute your preferred 

commands. Our machine learning algorithm can learn your 

preferred gestures to allow for better control.

Joystick Mouse Mode

Once the Snowl ring is placed inside its charging cradle, it can be used as a joystick mouse and perform 

the same functions that a traditional mouse can.

The Mouse Reimagined
Charging Cradle

The Snowl charging cradle not only acts as a charging case, but it can even be used as a joystick mouse

Bluetooth : Stable and Fast Connection

Bluetooth pairing can be done without a separate receiver. Simply connect it just like connect your wireless earbuds!

Handover Feature

Allows for multi-device Bluetooth pairing so that you can switch the device connection while you use it

The Next Generation Technology

Has the highest performing 3D spatial coordinatesolution in existence with 9DoF technology that is integrated the latest sensor fusion processor with 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and Magnetometer.

Meet Snowl, Your Finger Becomes The Mouse!

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