Gesture Machine 

Learning Recorder

Our company, CoxSpace, has developed a gesture machine learning engine that learns your gestures over time and allows you to define the command for each gesture set. That means that you can use the gestures that are most natural to you while using Snowl so that it's convenient anytime, anywhere.

• Real time Processing for No latency

• Distributed Processing for Dual Core

• Gesture Machine Learning Engine is integrated in Device

• Gesture Prediction

• Gesture Analysis

• Next Generation 9DoF solution integration All technology is programed by COXSpace


Acceleration, Gyro Sensor, 

Magnetic Orientation Technology

Snowl has the highest performing 3D spatial coordinate solution in existence with the next generation 9DoF technology. Snowl is integrated the latest sensor fusion processor with 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and Magnetometer.